waiting for the queen car

I am not a fan of living in a big city, but there are things I really enjoy about visiting them, like riding the street car and subway when I visit Toronto. Maybe it's the convenient central location of my aunt's apartment to the subway and street car terminal, or maybe it's because I'm just a visitor and not a resident, but I find it very easy to get around Toronto. I've only driven in Toronto once, because I had my car with me back in October. Usually we walk or take public transit. Taking the streetcar is my favourite, especially to the AGO. Passing through the old neighbourhoods and seeing all the shops crammed together; it's a real assault on the senses, visually. So many textures, colours, advertisements in a variety of languages, and such wonderful murals and graffiti. It's overwhelming but enjoyable for a short period of time. During my visit back in October, Uncle Patrick and I spent an afternoon looking for interesting graffiti for me to photograph. I absently snapped a photo of all the overhanging lines the streetcar needs to operate while we were waiting for the queen car, and when I looked at it later, I saw I had also photographed a bystander and her shadow immediately in the foreground. In the midst of such a busy corner, it was interesting to capture this fleeting moment of stillness between traffic lights.

waiting for the queen car (toronto), mixed media on canvas, 12x16(in), $290 + GST, 2017

waiting for the queen car (toronto), mixed media on canvas, 12x16(in), $290 + GST, 2017