wallflowers just off 109th

Wednesday. Opened the cafe. Still no snow. It was a nice slow morning. Lots of time to chat with customers and watch the lovely colors of the sunrise morph through the large picture windows. I love mornings like this. I was working with my friend Lizzy, who is a stellar poet. We were both writing things down on little pieces of paper. She was making lists....I was sketching out ideas that were coming to me for new paintings. She called dibs on a painting from one of the sketches...which is totally fair. She knit me a most amazing green sweater with fabulous wooden buttons on it. In exchange for it....she gets a painting. She hadn't seen one she loved yet. I was hastily sketching out the rough idea for two paintings and thinking out loud (at her) how the finished paintings would look. She claimed one....the one called "he brings the night" (or rather, the one that WILL be called that....frick, I haven't even purchased the canvas for it YET!). Then I tore off another bit of paper from the receipt printer to rough out another small series of ideas. Then I took both pieces of paper and put them next to the bookmark in the book I am currently reading...so I don't lose them. This is usually how the painting process starts for me. So....there they are, and the right one is upside down, now that I look at the photo. No matter. No sketchbook, no day planner and BAM! Ideas! I laugh to myself when I think about how many pieces of paper, very similar to these are floating about the studio, or have been taped into my sketchbook and turned into actual paintings that are now housed somewhere in Edmonton....Alberta....or somewhere else in Canada. Do I use all the ideas? No. Most of the time yes...and not always right away. I realized though, that I don't always keep these little bits of paper....sometimes I recycle them, or find them randomly in a jacket pocket and toss them without looking! I got thinking about the tragedy of that when  few friends posted that it would be interesting to have a little book of them published. Sure!

I could always carry my sketchbook with me...but when at work, some days the cafe is so busy you barely have time to think about cafe stuff, let alone creative stuff. So I'm going to work hard at keeping these little bits of paper. Sure they could all go in a sketchbook and be neat and organized....but it's neat looking back on things drawn on napkins, till paper and other scrap surfaces and remembering where I was, what I was doing or what was going on around me when that new painting epiphany hit. Today, I taped the few idea bits I had sitting on one of my shelves in the studio to the main wall across from the picture window. It's now my wall of little ideas. I want to see how big it will grow...and what other things it will inspire. And when enough have accumulated....maybe I will see about putting them in a book. Creases, coffee stains, cookie crumbs and all.

As long as I know where to find them, right?