Wanted: the empty space on your wall

"on the shore of Great Slave Lake" acrylic on canvas, 16" x 20" STARTING BID: $35

Nine days. Nine! Singular digits. My trip is looming quickly!

A while back I think I mentioned on here that I was thinking about painting a piece and putting it up for an open bid. Here it is. The above painting is up for sale for a starting bid of $35. It's an original piece and I started and finished it this morning. It's a good sized painting and it continues around the sides of the canvas like a lot of my other paintings do. You can bid on it if you like and the bid can be raised to whatever. You have until Sunday October 3 at 4:30pm to bid and you can bid as many times as you like. There are a few rules to bidding though....just to keep things simple and organized.

1. You can only bid on the painting on my facebook fanpage. If you aren't a fan already, look for 'Justina Smith, Visual Artist' in the search window on facebook. The profile picture is the above painting. Once you click 'like' for the fanpage, click on the painting and leave your bid in the comments section below the painting. Please keep your bids to the fanpage so I can keep track of the winning bid fairly! I won't respond to your email or phone call about this painting! 2. Check back often. It's kind of like a silent auction, so check back. Bids can be raised as little as $1 or as much as you like. 3. Bid closes at 4:30pm Sunday October 3 at 4:30pm. Comments on facebook have a time stamp and I will be looking at that to check for the last legitimate bid. 4. The final winning bid WILL NOT include the cost of shipping. If you don't live in the Edmonton area I will mail the painting to you if you win. When I determine the winner and location I will ask for your postal code so I can get a shipping cost from Canada post. 5. Payment can be cash (in person), money order or internet money transfer. Once I receive the payment, I will mail the painting to you. 6. The starting bid is set at $35 so the next bid has to be $36 or higher. I would prefer if the bids could be raised in dollar amounts as opposed to cents. (please be nice!)

I will keep this painting as the profile picture for my fanpage until the bidding ends next Sunday. I've never done anything like this before and I thought it would be fun to try. The retail value of this painting is $240 so you may end up with an original piece of work for less money! The painting is not posted in the gallery section of this site. The only other place you can view it is as the profile picture on my fanpage.

Good luck to you if you bid!