Watch your step

Friday is looming and this week that is a bit of a nerve-wracking thought. I'm giving a talk on Friday....about my work thus far. Adventures in art...anecdotes and ramblings...but with an audience present....listening and staring at me. Oh dear. There will be pictures....and food and beverage....and humor. Lots and lots of humor. In the Red Deer area Friday night and want to get a head start on your Christmas shopping? You should come. Kerry Wood Nature Center, 7pm. You do need to purchase tickets though. 403-346-2010. Here is a picture of the piece I donated. It's one of the few I have that is a few years old. It was inspired by a car ride to Red Deer from Lacombe. I passed a nice red fence with some tall spruce behind it and painted this from memory of what I passed on the highway. I think this dates back to 2006/2007. Anyhow this and other fine works by local artists will be available for sale for a mere $25. Seriously!

"red fence" acrylic on canvas, 20" x 20"

This is the NEW one I'm working about layer 4. Oh St. John's and your lovely buildings with treacherous stairs in the winter. There are a lot of stairs and banisters in this one. There is so much ink to put on but it's going to look so cool. It's nice to pretend that I have the self discipline to NOT post any pics until they are finished, but alas...I don't, so why fight it?

"building abstract #11: the fire escape, St. John's Nfld" mixed media on canvas, 20" x 24" (not finished yet)

Tomorrow back to the remainder of the Newfoundland sketches I wanted to show you. G'night friends!