Water...in a more solid form

"Painted by piano" acrylic on canvas, 10" x 10" $100

I bet you thought this painting would be about snow! Nope...it's about water. It's from Halifax somewhere by the historical properties on that long wharf. I loved walking there, cool salt air, boats and seagulls. I like seagulls. They are rather annoying to listen to, but seeing them floating serenely on the ocean...that is when I like them the most. I'm a wee bit jealous they live on or by the ocean and I don't...but I'll get over it. I love where I live, and I can go and visit them.

The title for today's one-a-day comes from the actual painting process. I love painting pictures with water, especially while listening to piano music. There is just something about water and soothing classical piano music...made for a lovely morning in the studio. (Thank you CBC radio 2!) However, this afternoon calls for cool collage type poster project...and something to rock out to. Perhaps some "Sunset Rubdown" or "Valery Gore". If you haven't heard of either...you should look them up!

I would also like to note, that the water is coated in interference violet and blue. It's a clear paint with an iridescent quality to it, so it only shows up when light shines on it. It's hard to capture this in a photo, but when you look at the water in person...it looks very wet, with a slightly violet tinge to it!

See you tomorrow!