Watermarks and pixels...oh my!

It may appear that all is quiet on the home front....but I assure you it's not. I have been painting away. I have also gotten a new laptop. A mac! (AUGH!) I'm not sure how it came to this, but my laptop was getting old and quirkier and fuller of artwork (grammatical error, yes I know) so I decided to plague some dude at the apple store with a lot of questions while Gabriel took his laptop in to be fixed. I was kind of hoping the info I got would lead me into getting another pc...but no. I have a new laptop now....and it's a mac. It is faster and can hold a lot more artwork, but it also means learning new photo editing software. That has been a bit of a learning curve. I'm trying to figure out how to watermark my work to get it on my website. I'm still not %100 sure how to do that. I now have an official watermark, I just need to turn it into a transparent file and get it on the photos. Easy, right? Right?

"a sinking feeling" (Conception Harbor, Nfld) acrylic on canvas, 12" x 16" $240

Anyhow, here is a lovely little picture of the painting I finished last night. (Fortunately I have figured out how to crop and resize my photos! I apologize that the picture itself is a bit fuzzy. I think it's due to how I need to resize it to post on this blog or it might be because I'm not entirely sure how to use this program. The posting should be back to normal soon...bear with me.) It's a very painterly Newfoundland painting. I am so looking forward to going back. I'm really stoked about how the water turned out on this one. There is no interference paint or ink....it's just a straight up painting of boats. How nice it would be to have this as a view from the breakfast table everyday...the actual boats I mean...and/or the painting.