We interupt this bowl of homemade soup...

"she digs plaid" mixed media on canvas, 11" x 14" $150

First off....I have dared to enable the comments on this blog. It's only been off because spammers annoy the crap out of me and post garbage, and I got tired of having to remove it. So I'll try it again...and you can leave a comment on here now! Hooray!

And secondly....I'm really excited about how this show is turning out! (thus the excessive use of the exclamation point!!!) Just as a little side note, there are little patterns drawn on the sides of these canvases too. Normally I just paint the sides a dark color, so they needn't be framed...but these guys have neat little patterns on them. However this site isn't formatted to really convey that. Not a big deal. I spent the majority of the day working on this painting, mostly due to waiting for the layers to dry. In between layers...I dusted and organized the studio space...recycled some old drawings, chased away the dust bunnies. It was a very good and very productive day indeed.

The girl (er, woman) in the painting is in fact me...because it's the only picture I could find of a nice plaid shirt. So this is me, wearing my favorite grey knitted cap and plaid shirt. I don't feel too vain about it though...because I don't have a lot of pictures of me because I'm usually the one BEHIND the camera. And I had plaid stuck in my head today because when I was having a latte at one of my favorite cafes today....there were two men in the corner having a business-like meeting...and one of them was wearing a bright white shirt, black trousers, orange-ish leather shoes and black & white plaid socks...and it inspired me to go home to the studio.

I like to procrasti-paint in cafes...which means I am THINKING about painting, but not actually doing it. Okay...I'm going back to my bowl of homemade soup now.