we like what we like

In my experience, second guessing one's initial excitement over an idea is a bad thing. Creatively speaking. For myself. I'm doing it right now with my current subject matter. What if no one likes my new painting?

What if they don't? Do you like it?

Yes. Well, I thought I did.

And now?




Now I'm outlining an alley that runs parallel to Bloor St. in TO. It's one of those alley ways I'm sure Rick Mercer has filmed one of his awesome rants in. I love the photo, and was stoked to start painting it. Then I second guessed myself. This might be dumb. It might turn out terrible. Maybe. It's paint. Not a marriage. Not a death. It's not permanent. I learn something new with every painting.

Yes, I still like this painting....and I think I will like it even more as I add the other layers; draw in some of the individual bricks. I want to see how this turns out as a painting. Just because.

To be honest, I am not familiar with the formal rules of composition. I've tried reading through some of them in various books in my art library.....and to be frank, I just. don't. care. I try to frequent galleries as much as I can at home and when I travel. I love seeing what other artists are up to. What they are trying. What they are fixated with. A few weekends ago I visited the Elevation Gallery in Canmore to check out the work of a Calgary artist that I really like. I know she's represented by that gallery. While taking a turn about the gallery with my friend Laura, I found other artists whose work made me really excited! Things were not centered or balanced....and really, some people might look at it and think the subject matter is boring. Old water towers with random writing scrawled in the paint. Like some people feel about instagrams of people's feet. Big deal. It really depends on where your head is at when you look at it I think. I hate sappy songs when the bearded dude is away, or I'm ticked at him because I think he's being annoying mannish or something....but I sure do love sappy songs when I'm in a nostalgic mood, or on road trips by myself and singing loudly in the car to the chagrin of my dogs and their sensitive eardrums.

This painting has two doors, some fire escape stairs and some great shadows cast by the higher building to the right of the shot being in the way of the late evening July sun. There is also graffiti which I'm going to put on little hand painted polaroids because right now, I just like doing that sort of thing.

I like painting odd things.

We like what we like. When we like it (and hopefully it's the same whether someone else is watching or not). Emotional. Circumstantial or otherwise. It can't be helped.

(I know I said I was only going to post peeks of the new works on my twitter feed....but in my moment of second-guessing followed by the annoyance at myself, I figured it would be good to blog about this and the blog needed a photo, so....yea.)