weedy inspiration

I used to be good

at gardening,

now I am good

at painting.

I don't think I have

enough time

to be good

at both.

I've been on a real writing kick lately. Phrases, funny signage, anything that pops into my head. I've written a few poems that I'm pretty happy with, and I've been rereading the few books of poems that I have for inspiration. Mary Oliver's 'Blue Horses', Christine Fellows 'Burning Daylight', the zines of poems I have by Lizzie Derksen and Susan Musgrave's 'Obituary of Light' (which I purchased during my visit to Haida Gwaii several summers ago).

This evening while painting on my back step, Coltrane tried to drink my paint water, and then made off into the soft grass with one of my expensive watercolor brushes. I forget she is still a puppy sometimes, because she's so good about things. She's not crazy or high strung. Usually you tell her to leave something and she does. Fortunately it was brush rinsing water for my watercolors, and only a few licks, and I saw her dash away with the brush on her way to a comfy spot to chew it before she actually began to rip it to pieces. No harm done in either case.

I'm just about finished a lovely painting of Amy Dryer's garden. She is a Calgary based artist whose work I greatly admire. There is a creamy salmon pie in the oven and a small batch of blueberry, feta and kale salad marinating in the fridge. I rode my bike over to the neighborhood liquor store earlier to get more gin. Apparently thirty-something babes with argyll patterning on their helmets don't pull up the liquor store on sweet cruiser bikes to get gin. That's suspicious, so I got ID'ed. I laughed. The 18-year-old looking clerk did not look amused. I should mow the lawn, but I think I'll eat dinner, listen to CKUA and a podcast on 'Visions of Fire', Part II because part one was very interesting last night. I'm really tired. August is a terribly full month. I hope I get through it with my sanity, humor and health intact with a bit of time to spare to prep for our month long adventure in the Yukon.

We're nearly half way through, friends. Sweater season will be here before you know it! Back to prepping my little project for mailing to Quebec. And eating. And gin.