Welcome to Sunday

"market in Antigua, Guatemala" ink & watercolor on postcard

Yesterday was a marvelous day! Got up early, went to the market to procure fresh, locally made (and grown!) edible goodies for the week, painted, worked in the yard, helped set up the cafe a bit more, cooked a lovely dinner and had a good sleep. What I DIDN'T do was drink enough water or blog. Oh well...sometimes these things can't be helped.

Recently some friends of mine went to Antigua Guatemala for two weeks. They just posted photos from their lovely trip, and I asked if I could paint a few. Some of the the colors were so vibrant and parts of the landscape very striking, so with their permission...I painted this one of an outdoor market they went to. There is indeed a mountain in background and I have no idea what it's called.

Today might call for another building painting...some ideas are stirring up over tea. Happy Sunday!