Well...why not?

"black birds & onion" pen and watercolor on paper

The painting still isn't finished. I was working last nite...cool job #2 which is drawing lithics (stone tools) for a professor at the U of L. (Yes, not all illustrations have been replaced with computer graphics. There are still jobs out there besides creating picture books or being a kids book illustrator where you can get paid to draw things by HAND. Thank goodness!) It's very different from my own drawing...because it NEEDS to be precise. And then off to job #4 this morning...being the art store, so I didn't feel there was enough time to really think about the painting and finish it properly...so I painted a postcard instead.

It's an onion and little black birds. (Yes, I know you can read.)

We have this cute little open cupboard above the kitchen sink where we keep jars of tea, baking goods and scotch. On one of the shelves I put an onion, and because the kitchen gets quite bright in the daytime...the onion has sprouted some lovely shoots. It's quite pretty, I think. Makes me really want to garden....and the little birds are just there because I like little birds and why not? It's a postcard with an onion on it. Why shouldn't there be miscellaneous black birds?

That is why I painted black birds and onion.

I really am going to finish that painting tonite!