werr ya to, by?

I'm in the process of planning mini trips. It's the fault of looking through my digital photo archive and looking for things to paint. It's also the fault of my co-workers at the cafe. Someone is always on their way to go somewhere. It's contagious...this wanderlust. Near or far, I love getting in the car and driving or going to the airport or looking at hostels online and learning about the new place I'm about to visit. How do I fit it all in and walk dogs, cook things, learn to knit, dust my living room (oh, it needs it BADLY), and get to some of the ideas accumulating on my idea wall in the studio? Sometimes it's overwhelming. Sometimes it makes me smile and nonchalantly tell myself that I will, eventually, get to painting that idea. I just work at it a bit everyday, and it all seems to get done, whether I fret about it or not. (I need a lot more work on the 'or not' bit of that last part. Sigh.) I have a hankering to be by the ocean. Maybe it's a succession of too many spring like days and then today's sudden reprise of winter. Maybe it's the combing through photos of east and west coast trips. Maybe it was the random question from a salon patron when I was rehanging paintings in the hair salon the other day after a few had sold; "do you paint seascapes at all?" "Seascapes? Sure! I have lots of photos of the sea I want to paint!"

The sea.

Which got me thinking of Newfoundland and then got me thinking about a song. Music is an enormous mood and memory trigger for me. I'm also usually listening to music, or a podcast while I paint. I began painting this piece and the song "Walk On The Ocean" by Toad the Wet Sprocket kept going through my head.


'we spotted the ocean (rocky harbor, newfoundland)'

acrylic on canvas, 16" x 20"


This was my second trip to Newfoundland, the Bearded Dude's first, and our first trip together. Ever. He lived a short time on Vancouver Island and freakin' loves the ocean. He was uncertain anything could compare with the loveliness of the west coast. Then we drove across Newfoundland from St. John's to Rocky Harbor which is on the western side of Newfoundland and walked along the rocky shore there. I can still feel the wind and salt spattering my face when I look at the photos. It was not a nice day for a walk at all, but we didn't care. The sea was so loud crashing against the rocks that you had to shout in close proximity to say anything audible to one another. It was just the wind and the sea and our thoughts. That's all there was room for and it was enough. More than enough.

Here's hoping our next visit to Newfoundland will be sooner rather than later.