what a bunch of idioms

I had a bit of a case of the 'Mondays' today. I awoke to my radio alarm at the proper time, got ready for work, and had a lovely bike ride to the cafe....only to discover that I wasn't on the schedule today. So I waited until my friends who were on the schedule finished their open, had some coffee and printed some things off using the work printer. Then I hopped back on my bike and headed back home (much to the surprise and excitement of the dogs) to work in the studio.
And then my mind got going. As it does.

I finished this piece yesterday, but today it inspired some additional silly thoughts for other pieces in a similar vein.

the holy roast, mixed media on birch panel, 16X16(in)

the holy roast, mixed media on birch panel, 16X16(in)

Silly ideas like: holy cow, holy mackerel...you get the idea, right? I have five common holy idioms in mind, and conveniently five other 16x16 birch panels in the studio with nothing on them yet. You know what happens next, right?

My ever growing collection of beautiful and strange patterned paper is paying off. Lucky Asian cats will make the perfect patterned halo for a mackerel. And those owls? Such a hoot! My second show of the summer is off to a rather iconic start.

Alright, I'm now going to cool it with the puns.

Also in the queue of 'things to end up on canvas in the coming weeks':

I kind of started a series last summer after taking some photos at K-Days here in Edmonton with my friend Carmyn Joy. By kind of, I mean I painted a few sporadically and they sold really fast. There are more coming, from last years set of photos and some new ones I took at Fort Edmonton Park last Friday.

I was going to end this post with an idiom about midways, but I'll refrain. I don't want you to dread reading any future puntacular posts. Time for gin. Happy Monday!