what a lotta bull...


Bet you didn't see that coming, did you? The internet has been clogged with a lot of bull lately, so I figured I should do my due diligence and just add some bull of my own, but in the best way(s) I know how.

Painting + petraits.

This is Babette & Guinness. They are pals. I just finished their portrait this evening after a discouraging afternoon of scanning social media. Rather than tweet a lot of things I'd rather not get into in 140 character increments, I decided to work peacefully in the studio instead, and save my ranting until there are tacos and tequila in front of me, and some good friends around.

Oh, and then there's this dude too:

This is Doc.

I get such a kick out of painting portraits of people's pets. That sentence had a lot of P's, and really couldn't be avoided.

It's not cat videos, but hopefully this is one thing you see on the internet in the next few days that doesn't piss you off or make you want to throw things.