what's it like?

I've been going to hot yoga for almost 2 years now. I can tell the difference from when I first started to now. The heat doesn't make me panic and I have muscle tone where I didn't know I needed it. We start and end the class lying on our mats on our backs in what's called "corpse pose". I've been told it's the most important pose of the class. It's where you let go of the day, and the muscle tension accumulated during class and soak it all in. The resting part is important, a kind of internal observation. This morning was a lot like that. I went to the farmer's market a bit later than usual. Rather than get caught up in the bustle and stop/start/hang-out-mid-aisle-and-chat-ers I quietly went directly to the usual stalls and let all the sounds and busyness wash over me. The buskers, vendors counting out change, people on their phones making plans to meet up......and it got me thinking about the various markets across Canada that I've had the good fortune to the do the same thing in. It's easier when you are visiting a different city to remove yourself from the crowd and just be there. There's no real goal or purpose. You are, after all, just visiting. It's not your market. You have nowhere in particular to be (maybe). The movement, collage of sounds and colors is the reason why I love going to farmer's markets. When I've painted such scenes and look at those paintings later on, it brings back all those sounds, smells and visuals. I'm working on doing that with this piece today:


The tricky thing with this piece is that it's from a friend's photo of her and her husband's honeymoon in New York last fall. I have never been to New York. I have no idea what it's like. I've wandered in larger cities across Canada. Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto and Halifax.....but every city has a different vibe. Toronto is fast. Vancouver and Halifax like to meander. Winnipeg feels like a bit of a time warp....it moves you back into history a bit. It's not that tricky really, I'm just filled with questions as I paint this. So here is what I think New York is like, from the little bit I have heard and seen in photos. I believe the view this photo is taken from is whats called the High Line, which is an old elevated freight line they made into a park instead of tearing it down. What a wonderful idea.

(And the list of places I want to go and visit just keeps getting longer.)