where the (regular) sidewalk ends, and then resumes

Walking dogs nearly guarantees some sort of inspiration. Body is moving, fresh air is flowing in and out of your, the dogs are happy, you are happy.....thinking about other things or nothing and then suddenly; A new idea!


Or as I like to call it; the "holy shit!" moment.

Yesterday I was walking dogs along our usual route, noticing how the snow is mostly gone, except for the stubborn patches hiding beneath thick low-lying coniferous branches. There were all sorts of things to see that the snow was hiding; long grass, decomposed leaves, forgotten toys, random mittens. There were new toys out too. Really clean ones, not left out to weather the winter unprotected. There was also some art. Clever little mini artisans had been drawing pictures and hopscotch courses. Despite feeling a little silly, after passing the first course I did indeed hop the 2nd and the 3rd course I encountered. Those kids must be marathon hopscotchers! The 3rd course was nearly 3 lots in length! Holy man. I didn't get through that whole one. Hopping is hard work with 3 dogs wondering what the hell your doing back there.....leash bearer! We're sniffing here! Get a grip! It inspired me though....the sidewalk drawings I mean. They made me smile.

Then I realized: I have chalk! I have a sidewalk too! And concrete steps to my front door.

Game on, mini-artisans. Game. On.


Things to draw.



Front walk treasures.


I was even nice and provided a legend!





And then for the self conscious, a gentle reminder that it's OK to let go now and then.


I'm definitely going to need some more chalk, but I have decided to keep the fronts of my front steps colorful, encouraging and changing until the snow flies and covers my outdoor canvas. I haven't smiled so hard while drawing something silly in a really long time. Happy Sunday friends.