Where there is a will...sometimes there is NO (high)way

"building abstract #4" mixed media on canvas, 20" x 24" $500

Yesterday we tried our best to make it to Calgary and then onto Lethbridge for the evening...but old man Winter had other plans. Instead he decided to blanket all of AB south of Red Deer with a nice white blanket. We made it as far as Didsbury on the QE2 before the road disappeared. It reminded me of the photo a friend of mine took of an ice road up in the North West Territories. Scary but fortunately we were able to safely turn around and head back to Edmonton. So I got to spend the day in the studio instead...and start/ finish this piece.

I don't know if you have ever been to Halifax, but there is a lovely park there by the ocean called Point Pleasant. Inside the park are lots of winding trails in the trees, some old military batteries and a lovely trail that skirts the ocean. To get there from the hostel on Barrington Street where I stayed, you have to walk down this fabulous residential street named Young Street. (Yonge maybe? I can't remember how they spelled it.) The houses on this street were amazing! Some of them were quite large, but all of them older character homes...and some of them in such lovely colors. And the trees....and the GARDENS! Oh goodness. Some of them even had lovely wrought iron fences around the front of their properties. I liked the street (and the park!) so much I went there twice during my time in Halifax. I'm a bit sad it rained the one day and I didn't have any rain gear with me. So many photos...so many painting ideas. I wasn't able to take as many pictures as I wanted, but I fully intend on going back...so I can't be too sad.

I was also a bit worried about the size of this one. The first three building abstracts were mid sized, and I was concerned the ink detail would get lost on a bigger canvas, but I think it worked just fine. I would love to get started on #4, but the roads are clear and we may try to head down south again...oh well. The idea and canvas will be here when I get back.