where we used to live

I hate moving. I'm really good at it though. Packing, purging, organizing. Moving a lot in my short span of 32 years on the planet has made me very good at a few things: 1. I make friends easily wherever I go

2. I am not a pack rat or an avid collector of much. This is mostly due to laziness (not a huge fan of dusting) and I don't want to lug that stuff around.

3. I'm really efficient at packing.

4. Friends like helping me move because all they have to do is load and unload the moving truck.

With all the times I've moved though, I find I still get very attached to place. I love being in new places and seeing new things, but I love having a cozy, stable home-base more than anything. I need a haven. Some place quiet. A place for paintings and ideas to rest and stretch. I've lived in some cool places. Old houses are my favorite. The oldest house I lived in was in Medicine Hat on 5th St. SE. The house was built out of sandstone in 1897. It has access to the cellar from the outside. It had a claw tub in the upstairs bath. The stairs leaned a bit to the right. The floors were uneven. The front door opened into a little turret and the upstairs part of the turret was a ladies powder room. You could go to the very top....a mini 3rd floor, just in the turret. You needed a ladder of course. I lived in that house for 10 months. I never did go up inside the turret. It would have been a very neat place for a small studio.

My favorite neighborhood in Red Deer was Waskasoo. I had the good fortune of living there twice. Two minutes away from the river valley trail system which was a regular running route for me and Gershwin. A ten minute walk from the Kerry Wood Nature Center where I worked for a year and a half. It didn't feel like you were living in the city there. So many wooded spaces to wander in.

The place I currently live in does happen to be right beside a busy road, but the house itself is relatively quiet and super bright in the daytime. I've been here almost 2 years now. I'm close to parks to run the dogs and we have some great neighbors that stop by for backyard beers in the summer. I know I'll be sad to leave this studious little flat when the time comes. I've painted many wonderful things here and we've had many amazing nights with friends. We got married in our living room here, right next to the studio last April. That will be a tough move, but hopefully the people that move in after us will continue making this place a place of shared love and good times.

I finished this triptych yesterday. That's why I'm rambling about place and moving. These are a series of paintings for a friend's mom of the houses she has lived in in Ontario. She's on the move again I guess (my friend's mom) and so my friend thought it would be neat to give her mom some paintings of the houses she has lived in.

  DSCF4000 DSCF3999 DSCF3998

People have the neatest ideas for commissions. I'm thankful they come to me sometimes and I get to paint them.

I hope wherever you are today, you are enjoying the physical space that you are in.