where you are

The sun was so bright in my studio this morning that I finally broke and pinned a sheet up over the window. The glare on my computer screen was just too harsh to see my reference photos through. In true Justina Smith fashion though, I did pin it up the sheet with wooden clothespins! I finally began the first 3 paintings in the Jasper series I'm working on for Mountain Galleries. It's just the first two layers so far....but it is a start. The series is mostly about the Jasper town site; the alley ways, old buildings and the rail yard.DSCF4352

Alberta has such diverse beauty in it. I know we have tar sands and crazy drivers and Edmonton's roads would be better off if they were gravel, but you can find major and minor flaws in any place. There is no perfect place on earth. There is just my perfect place, which will most likely be very different from yours. Or maybe not. It's really nice to be painting things around my province and city. It's neat too that it's happening as the countdown to head across the pond is now under the month mark. I need those kind of reminders sometimes when I'm feeling stressed and focusing on my to-do lists. Tunnel vision is no fun.

I hope it's a gorgeous Saturday wherever you might be reading this from, and I hope you get to really enjoy where you are.