Who needs cartoons?

"spring time postcard" pen & watercolor on paper

So yesterday, I went to the art store that I usually go to to get some paint. While wandering after I had the "needs" in my basket, I came across the coolest thing. (Well, I think it's the coolest thing.) Blank watercolor post cards, with the postcard stuff on the back! Sweet! And seen as how I have no pressing deadlines and a bit more time to just play and experiment, I got them, and here is the first one. Proper postcard size and everything! The tree is our apple tree in the front yard...complete with fermented goodness still clinging to the branches. This is the same fermented goodness my dog still likes to get into for a quick snack....and the entire house pays the price later....man does his gas stink after those rotten crab apples! The words are part of a lyric from a song I really like by Iron & Wine.

And now back to more postcards. Happy Saturday!