why can't i look at mountains everyday?

Look what I finally finished this past weekend; only a week and change after my arrival home.






I went to see David Francey play at Hugh's Room when I was in Toronto....and asked one of his band mates (like a complete dork) if he would mind asking David to sign my sketchbook. He was very gracious and took it up to the green room and brought it back down to me after David signed it. The photo is from an exhibit I saw during Nuit Blanche at the Gladstone Hotel. Amy Ash had a small exhibit which you could trade something of value to you for one of the pieces she had in her display. I traded the business card from The Grind, which was the first cafe I ever displayed my work in, and subsequently where it first began selling. I've been carting around that business card in my wallet for 13 years now; as long as I've been painting and selling my work. I'm a sucker for old photos. The name of the lady in the photo is Hannah Kane. I have no idea who she is, I just really liked the photo.



My first time sketching a waterfall. Ever.


If we ever travel together and you sit still long enough, you will get drawn!


Second time ever sketching a waterfall.




My friend Sam laughed at my analogy of this rock. She said I had a lot of imagination which might just be a British pleasantry for 'I think you're crazy, but in a slightly amusing & harmless manner'.

I finished these while manning my booth at the Crowsnest Pass Gallery M.Arty Market this past Saturday; a wee pop-up art market. I made some new friends, sold some paintings, gave out some business cards and basked for a little bit in the gorgeous mountain views.

Lastly, because I can be slow on the draw for these things; I have been asked to put together an e-mail mailing list to let people know when I have a show coming up or a new series of pieces available. I have formed a small list of recent email addresses from people who have requested commissions from me. If you fancy being on that list, please email me (justlittleart@gmail.com) with "ADD ME TO YOUR MAILING LIST" in the subject line. Please.

This week the remainder of my 'i went to England' paintings head to The Gallery on Main in Lacombe. I'm the feature artist for the month of November. There's an opening reception the first week of November. The date and time will be posted under the 'exhibits' tab on this site.

Now it's time to draw things and finish hat #2 made of the lovely dusty yellow colored yarn I bought while in Ontario and plot my return to the mountains.