why walking is bad for me

I've been trying to drive less lately. Not because I hate driving, but because....well, I live close enough to work that it's a bit embarrassing (to me) that I am driving there. I wish I were hardcore enough to be a winter cyclist...but between fear of falling and injuring myself so that I can't run, and fear of cycling on Edmonton roads with our ultra courteous drivers, (please, please PLEASE note the sarcasm of that last statement...and if not, it is DRIPPING with it!) I can say with confidence that I am not a winter cyclist. I am a winter walker and runner. But walking is bad for me.

Well, not for me....but for my head. More oxygen to the brain + random visual stimulation + good tunes on the ipod....and then the silly ideas come. Today I had 3 of them. I got home at 3pm and was writing and busily sketching out my silly ideas for 45 minutes before I could get changed and out the door for a run. Never mind the commissions I need to get done soon. No....more silly sea paintings with sillier captions, some abstract painting ideas (focusing on color placement and not so much form). Walking. Not so much running....but walking. Does this to me. Every. Damn. Time.

This is a good example. I saw this shot on a walk with Gershwin in my neighborhood a few nights back. Of COURSE I didn't have my camera with me...it would have become a camera-sicle, it was so friggin' cold. So I went out the next night and then took my camera and got this shot. I love the light, the lines of the branches of the elm trees....the reflection of the street light of the snow in the alley way. I am going to paint this. It's going to be an abstract painting, focusing on color and shape....and that will be about all you may recognize from this photo to the finished painting. Then it got me thinking about a small series of abstract works called "walks at night"....and then before you know it, I'm base coating canvas this hideous orange creamsicle color to contrast the purples and blues that will go on top....then I get excited about these paintings....and then I can't sleep, because I want to be painting.

Walking would be far better for me if my brain came with an off switch. But....walking does enable me to eat more bacon and my pants still fit....AND I get good ideas for paintings which get created, sell and enable me to buy more bacon. What a vicious, vicious cycle I've gotten into.

And now....all you can think about is orange creamsicle and bacon. You're welcome.