Why you ask? I ask YOU....why not?

"into the blue" acrylic on canvas, 6" x 24" $150

I'm getting bad for letting the 'daily' part of the blog slip. The weather is getting nicer, there are longer daylight hours....and I really have no excuse.

This morning there was no coffee in the house, and I got paint on my unofficial painting sweater...so I guess that makes it official. It's a lovely smear of cobalt blue, on a grey sweater. It looks kind of neat and very loved. However there is STILL no coffee in the house! Fear not, I work at 2 cafes so I am very certain at some point in time this day I will procure a lovely cup and some beans for future concoctions.

The rubber boots didn't work out. I got about half way through the painting...got EXTREMELY bored with the composition and painted over it. I think this means I am officially done painting clothing and bicycles for the time being. So instead I finally began searching for photos and painted the jellyfish. (Why you ask? Because I like to paint random subject matter.) They look really cool, and there is interference orange on them, so in the light the jellyfish look orange and iridescent. The only trouble is the camera cannot seem to get the blue right on the background. It is quite blue...but there is also a lot of purple in the dark areas so in real life it's far more purplish or royal blue than a deep sky blue like the photo conveys. Silly I know but I have looked through enough books with photos and seen enough paintings to know that photos don't truly represent the colors of the paint well, digital or otherwise. I noticed this at the Emily Carr exhibit at the Glenbow Museum in Calgary a few years ago. The green sweeping of her cedars and blue arches in her skies are even MORE so in person...and all those have been professionally photographed. Not that I claim to be a professional photographer but in all honesty....paintings ALWAYS are more dazzling when you see them in person.

I also updated the image of "Taylor in the tub" in the '2010 works' section. It was the original image before the tweaks...so now it looks like her (and a heck of a lot better too!)

I think maybe there might be another jellyfish painting on it's way...