Wilderness vs. Sale Shopping Craziness...the boxing day dilemma

Sleep in or get up? I've been indulging in a lot of sleeping in over the holidays, but very little napping so really, it is balancing itself out, right? I'm trying to combat the feeling of guilt for the sleeping in with reminding myself that I have been able to paint all through the Christmas break.....I don't feel guilty for having had some chocolate for breakfast mostly because this has been known to be a regular occurrence for me through the ENTIRE year. Mmmmm. Chocolate. There are loose plans to go snowshoeing today in Waterton, but so far everyone in the house is lazily employed doing other things, so rather than sleep in I set up on the kitchen table to at least get one piece finished before we get on our way...if we get on our way. If not, that triptych leaning against the wall by the fireplace doesn't seem to be inking itself so I had better help it along.

"migration patterns" mixed media on canvas, 8" x 16" $160

I really like how this painting turned out. When I prepared the background with the various patterns of paper, I wasn't really sure where I was going with the painting. I had no idea what to put on top of it. Then I started looking at pictures of birds on the internet for the triptych, and stumbled upon this lovely finch picture.  He fit the bill perfectly! I also decided to change the name....it seemed to make a bit more sense with the bird and the patterns, and the fact that finches do migrate with the season changes. There is another canvas of the same size as this one with nothing on it....I think it too needs some paper and a little bird. It will give me something else to work on while I'm waiting for ink on the triptych to dry.

In the background of writing this I think the plans for snowshoeing have been confirmed. Off to get cleaned up so we can see about rentals and head out. Hooray for wilderness boxing day adventures! I'd rather take my chances with wildlife than crazy sale-seekers in the malls.....*shudder*.