With the greatest of ease

"look ma, no hands!" ink & acrylic on canvas, 8" x 16" $160

Sometimes it's just fun to paint goofy things...and sometimes those goofy things are inspired by things I have observed during the day, or odd things that spring to mind. That is the case with this painting. I was driving to work the other day and waiting at one of the many stop lights on Whyte Ave just after 6am. It was a cloudy day that threatened to rain...and the birds were just having a grand ol' time swooping from buildings to trees and vice versa. I watched them do this for a bit, (still keeping my eye on the light so the person behind me needn't get annoyed and honk at me for missing the green) and thought about these show-off birds and their silly stunts saying something like: "watch me....look! No hands!"

Well of course they don't have hands silly...they're birds!

That's why it's goofy.

Also I was relishing them in their ease in the air. They way the extend and then quickly and neatly fold in their wings. It was their quiet place, their time to unwind...and it reminded me that I haven't explored the trails and parks enough in this city to find my own quiet place...some place outdoors and wild where I can go and unwind after the bustle of the coffee house and little to-do lists at home that lurk just outside my studio door. My bike is only in the basement....I just need to freshen the air in the tires, haul it up the narrow stairs and freedom like that is just a block away....except I won't be riding with no hands. That would end badly. Down the hills anyway. ("Look ma...no skin on my knees!" Doesn't strike me as something I want to paint.)