you are just 3 people away from a great fish taco

It's been a running joke with various people in my life about my favorite things. The joke is...there is a LOT of them. Almost everything is my favorite. I'm not even joking....I can get excited about the silliest things. Mismatched socks, cute kids, cafe customers with a good sense of humor, cranky cafe customers that are just super But the past few days I have been really, really excited about fish tacos.

Voila! A (partially eaten) fish taco from Tres Carnales Taqueria in downtown Edmonton. I went there for the first time last week with a bunch of friends after a movie. There was this, and much other tasty goodness masticated (hee you had to read THAT twice!!) that evening. First time I had tequila that DIDN'T make me want to gag. Good times were had by all.

Really, this post should be about how my work relates to bacon (as in Kevin Bacon) and the whole '6 degrees of separation' thing. But (unfortunately) this has nothing to do with bacon. However, it does relate to my work. If you'll follow me:

My friend Sarah J. knows EVERYONE and is awesome. She love Tres Carnales and bragged about it all the time. Because she's awesome and is an awesome-person magnet, she is friends with the boys who own and run Tres Carnales. (Sarah = person 1, Tres Carnales boys = persons 2 & 3) Upon settling our tab the other night, I got talking (or shamelessly self-promoting....AGAIN) about my work as I commented on their cool graffiti murals on their walls. I told them I was an artist. They asked for a business card. I showed them the examples of work on the back of my cards (clever! thanks!) and pretty soon they were telling me they would like two commissions for the opposite wall and wondering if I could work with their budget.

Um....yea. YEA!!

Friends. Dinner. New joint. New friends. Two tequila shots. Fish tacos. Commissions. (Large, loud, mixed media portrait ones, at that! Insert multiple fist pumps here!!)

Oh, and pretty lights!

The end.