you don't say

I wouldn't consider myself an emotional painter by any means. There has never been a dark phase or a blue phase....but, I'm going to call this little series for what it is. The "break-up paintings". There. I said it.

"this too shall pass"

mixed media on canvas, 20" x 20"

(unfinished and sitting on top of my painting rag)

These paintings (this one and "as the crow flies" which I posted a few blog entries ago) are a series of images I got in my head while walking Gershwin shortly after my former fiancee broke up with me a month and a bit before the potential wedding. This second one is, I guess....based on the advice I got from friends when I would phone them crying and trying to work through the horrible but necessary process of grieving. This is one piece of advice that seems a bit redundant at the time, but rings true the more time heals a busted heart. In the first painting, the girl is stooped and picking up pieces while the crows fly away...or swarm her...however you want to look at it. In this piece, she's calmly walking through a field of tall grass....fingering the tops of the blades as she passes. Except they won't be blades of grass. They will be words. In ink. A lot of them. All done by hand. I'm shaking my head at myself now that I look at the size of the canvas and think about the portion I want to cover in 'worded blades'....which is very much how I felt when I started 'poplar culture' (also the back drop to this site). So much ink, that seemed like a really stellar idea at the time....and in the end will be a stellar idea again, but I'm sure I'll dread this decision DURING the process of writing a repeating phrase all by hand. However, the writing will not be even, heck it won't even be straight OR the same size. It's a good thing I'm not a perfectionist when it comes to these mixed media pieces...or it would take all the fun out of it for me and I'd quit doing them.

So...that is about as deep as an explanation has gotten for one of my paintings. At least from me anyway.

There is already another canvas on the go. Something I've wanted to paint from my NWT photos from last summer. Something little and cute and just in time for Art Walk, which hopefully won't get rained out.